Kristie. 20. Born and raised in NY. Married to my best friend and high school sweetheart that happens to be a Marine. We are currently living in Germany and will be here for 3 years! I'm also a mother to two fur babies named Riley and Milo.
Recently became a bit of a workout freak and leading a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to drop a few pounds, be happy, and be in the best shape of my life!!
"Life without you isn't a life worth living"<3


-I got the job! Working full time at a caf√© and I love it so far. Lots and lots of training to do but I’m excited.
-I’m exhausted…if I were to go to sleep right now I’d probably sleep until 6am
-We’re supposed to do cardio today but hubs has an inspection tomorrow so he’s still at work. *and I’m hoping he’ll come home and be too tired to go*
-June is coming and I’m really trying to love my body and not beat myself up anymore. I still have a good amount of weight I want to lose before then but I really don’t know if it’s going to happy. We’ll see.
-Speaking of June, I’m starting to stress out over it. I haven’t seen my mom in two years and I’ll have to spend a few days with her. So nervous and anxious and I really wish I could avoid her forever.
-My mind is a shit hole lately and I need to breathe and take it easy

6 days ago
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